Who Should I Speak To IF...

  Who Should I Speak To...

* If I want my baby dedicated - any of the Elders or Pastors

* If I want to get Baptized - Nita Kotiuga primarily, or any of the Pastors

* Regarding Building and facility plans and renovations Peter Kotiuga

* Regarding regular Building maintenance needsChristina Slavin

* Regarding the church Calendar - Christina Slavin

* About a Care or Compassion need situation - Jeff Simunic

* Regarding our engagement with the Community around us - Jeff Simunic

* About Connectedness of people at, and the community within, Westview - Nita Kotiuga

* If I, or someone I know, is seeking Counselling - any of the Pastors

* If I want to be in or access the online church Directory - Christina Slavin

* About Donations and tax receipts - Heather Hay  

* In order to get on the E-life list or to have something included in e-life - Christina Slavin

* To reserve Equipment - Christina Slavin

* Regarding the church's Financial vision or budget items - Peter Kotiuga or 

    Jeff Simunic

* Related to a Funeral being planned and / or someone to officiate - Christina Slavin

* If I have a question or comment about church Governance - any of the Elders       

* Regarding Leadership development - Jeff Simunic or Nita Kotiuga

* If I’m getting Married and need someone to officiate - Nita Kotiuga, Cheryl Johnson,         Mike Calo,  Evange DestounisChris McCooeye or Jeff Simunic  

* If I have a Ministry idea - Jeff Simunic      

* About the Ministry Implementation Teams - Jonathan Stymiest or Jeff Simunic      

* About Missions - the missions committee: Jeff Simunic, Isabelle Carrière or Lynda Wicki

* About Musician development Ryan Simunic

* If I have a question or comment about Oversight of the church - any of the Elders  

* If I need Pastoral care or know someone who does - Nita KotiugaJeff Simunic, or       

    Cheryl Johnson

* If I have a Practical need (i.e. - food, clothing, transportation) Jeff Simunic

                              * Regarding Prayer ministry opportunities - Nita Kotiuga

                              * If I have a Prayer need - Nita Kotiuga

                              * About Prayer Teams - Barb Elvidge

* About Preaching or sermons - Nita Kotiuga...

* When I want to Reserve a room at the church for a ministry or event - Christina Slavin

* About Small Groups and Bible StudiesNita Kotiuga or Jeff Simunic 

                              * Regarding Tech ministry - Ryan Simunic

                              * About the church's Vision & Strategies - any of the Elders or Elders

                              * If I want to Volunteer - Christina Slavin or Jeff Simunic

                              * About having content put on the church Website or Facebook page - Christina Slavin  

                                    or Jeff Simunic             

               * About Visitation - Jeff Simunic

               * About Worship ministry - Ryan Simunic              

                              * About ministry with, and programs for, high school age Youth - Cheryl Johnson

                              * About a Specific Ministry - the leader of the ministry (as listed on our website), or 

                                 Jeff Simunic

 For each area, click on the person's name above to send them an email.


If in doubt on who to approach on any other area of need, 

speak to Christina Slavin or one of the Pastors

and they will direct you to the right contact person.