Syrian Family resettlement

Updated as of August 8th.  

We are still in the finalizing stage of the sponsorship process; we are eager to move along quickly. 

Please join us as we pray for this family. Pray for health, and safety. Pray that all the details concerning the resettlement will fall into place, and the family will arrive in Montreal soon.

We have reached our fundraising target of approximately $30,000 for the one-year sponsorship. 

We want to update you on how this has progressed. We know that the family have moved past initial interviews and medicals. Based on the average time period, we can expect notification of their arrival within the next few weeks.

With that in mind, it’s time to kick this into another gear. We will be setting up teams to handle the various needs in support of the family, remembering that the goal is to help them to be self-sufficient within one year of their arrival.

One team will be responsible for obtaining furniture, kitchen and dining utensils and small appliances, TV/ microwave, fridge, stove and computer. We have an opportunity to obtain some furniture in good condition and need to consider how much if it we want and how we manage storage.
Another team will be responsible for bedding, cleaning supplies, towels, toiletries and clothing will be started as we find out more about the family and the furniture.

A third team will be tasked with finding appropriate and affordable housing.
A fourth team will be helping the family manage their finances, helping them understand how much things cost in Montreal and how and where to acquire them.
Others will be tasked in helping the family with translation and teaching them how to get around the city (Public transportation and, when necessary, organizing transportation).
There will be another team involved in organizing their access to medical and dental and school services.
Finally, a communications team will ensure each team and the entire church family is aware of our ongoing progress and needs. 

For more information, please contact:

Randy Trimm at / 514-713-3353