There have been some new developments… We were recently put in contact with a family, by the Welcome Collective.  This family consists of a single mother with a 14 year old daughter, 12 year old daughter, and 9 year old son.  They had been in the US but have been granted asylum in Canada.  

We have organized a few people so far to find ways to initially meet their most pressing needs for food and clothing and some initial household furnishings, but there are still significant practical needs of items, as well as assisting them to navigate the culture, bureaucratic systems, and neighbourhood adjustments.  Here is a link to a document that outlines some of the needs you can help with and sign up for.  We will continue to update the document. 

For more information and to discuss how you can help, contact me:

Thank you.



This is our ministry of assisting, and supporting the settlement of immigrating people / families in the surrounding community.  

For more information, please contact Randy Trimm at: / 514-713-3353