Summer Connect 4

We are looking forward to an exciting summer of Connect 4, starting this Sunday June 24th! 

In the summer months, we offer two Connect 4 age groups on Sunday mornings:
Pre-School for children ages 2-4, and Senior for children in Kindergarten to grade 4.

Please note that a child going into kindergarten in September 2018, will remain in the pre-school program for the summer, and a child going into grade 5 in September is still part of Senior Connect 4 during the summer.

We are looking forward to a great summer of children’s ministry, envisioning the Lord working in wonderful ways. 



Under Cassia Waind’s leadership as our Coordinator, we need help from people each Sunday to lead / assist the ministry program for both groups: pre-School (ages 2-4) and Senior (Kindergarten to grade 4). 


- 3 volunteers are needed each Sunday for Pre-School Connect 4.

- 5 volunteers are needed each Sunday for Senior Connect 4. 

All the materials and programming will be prepared for you and provided to you.

There will be a table in the Lobby on Sundays for you to sign-up for one or two Sundays.

For more info. contact our Summer Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Cassia Waind: 
or call Cassia at 514.626.5460 (office) or 438.882.5559 (cell.)