Summer Connect 4

... our Summer Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry

The summer season of Connect 4 begins this Sunday June 23!

  - Summer Pre-School Connect 4, for age 2 to pre-Kindergarten, will be in room 100-102.

  - Summer Senior Connect 4, for Kindergarten to grade 4, will be in the Lounge.

You can check your children in to the programs at those rooms as of 10:15 am.

Whatever the child’s age or grade was as of this school year that just ended, that determines which program they are in for the summer.  If a child starts Kindergarten in September, they are still in Pre-School Connect 4 this summer.  If a child begins grade 5 in September, they are still in Senior Connect 4 this Summer.  Move ups will only happen when the fall ministry season begins.

For more information - please contact Jeff Simunic:  /  514.626.5460 extension 1002