Suggested Resources

New apologist Blake Giunta’s website.  Provides detailed answers of central questions to Christianity, along with multiple avenues of answers attached to each question, and possible objections.
Dr. William Lane Craig’s website. Full of excellent resources including audio and video debates, articles on a variety of apologetics issues, and a Q&A section.
Right Now Media's apologetics tab, complete with many different resources from various apologists, it includes some great videos and informative series. You will need an account to access the content. Contact the Westview office and we will gladly create one for you (
Includes an excellent variety of articles by many different authors. All types of content and for all stages of learning.
Extremely comprehensive, Matt Slick goes in-depth on certain subjects. We recommend looking into the ‘World Religions’ and ‘Cults’ section.
Popular apologist Greg Koukl’s website.
The most complete apologetics website.
A great website full of articles on different apologetic topics.
A great site featuring many top apologists.
Young new convert Steven Bancarz’s website. Steven used to be heavily involved in the New Age movement, and has since renounced his old views. This is a great website refuting the perspectives of the New Age and occult movements, as well as providing other general apologetics resources.

We also recommend viewing his powerful testimony here.
The website of Sean McDowell, the son of the well-known writer and apologist Josh McDowell.
Dennis Toufexis’ website, head of the ‘Reasonable Faith’ apologetics group in the West Island.
An organization working to bring discourse about Jesus back to universities.
The site of Apologia Ministries, based in the US. We recommend looking at their Youtube channel.
Very short videos with answers to popular questions.

French resources:  
French apologist Guillaume Bignon’s website.
The YouTube channel associated to his website:

Check out this link for more French resources.

Where to look for a reading plan:

Apologetics315’s extensive reading plan, complete with a built-in rating system: Link
Apologetics315’s reading plan for beginners
: Link
Matt Slick’s book recommendations: Link
Introductory reading plan from RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries): Link
Intermediate reading plan from RZIM:


1.       Let My People Think - Ravi Zacharias - iTunes
Ravi’s weekly podcast

2.      Just Thinking - Ravi Zacharias - iTunes 
Ravi’s daily podcast.

3.      Unbelievable? - Justin Brierley - iTunes
The podcasts always include 2 members of opposing viewpoints, (e.g. a Christian and an atheist) which share and discuss their respective views. This dynamic makes it very interesting, and the podcast covers a wide variety of topics.

4.      Reasonable Faith - William Lane Craig - iTunes
William Lane Craig answers questions from viewers and talks about big issues in apologetics.

5.      Stand to Reason - Greg Koukl - iTunes
Top apologist Greg Koukl’s podcast.

6.      #STRask - Greg Koukl: iTunes
Greg Koukl’s short answer podcast.

7.      Cross Examined - Frank Turek - iTunes
Apologist Frank Turek’s podcast, includes answers to tough questions and interviews with other top apologists.

8.      Please Convince Me - J. Warner Wallace - iTunes 
The author of ‘Cold-Case Christianity’, J. Warner Wallace’s podcast.

9.       Come Let Us Reason - Lenny Esposito - iTunes
“Hear Lenny Esposito demonstrate how Christianity is an intelligent and rational faith. Here, we will deal with ethics, religious beliefs, and arguments against the Christian perspective.” 

10.   CARM podcast: iTunes
Apologist Matt Slick’s podcast.

11.     Defenders - William Lane Craig - iTunes 
The audio recordings of William Lane Craig's classes on apologetics.