Sam Piazza - Summer Intern

We are pleased to welcome Sam Piazza as intern at Westview for this summer.  Sam’s role will be multi-faceted… 

Over the last two years, we have collected a lot of data from surveys, from Family Chats, from the Leadership Advisory Teams, and other sources.  As we continue to discern and hear God's intentions for the future, we need to compile the information from various sources. Sam will be preparing a portrait of Westview based on the information collected. This will give the Senior Leadership Team a more organized, and detailed picture, which will be used as part of the process of discerning what the Spirit is leading us into for future ministry plans and growth. 

As you heard during his testimony a few weeks ago, Sam is passionate about apologetics and is excited to lay the foundations for an apologetics ministry at Westview.  This will also be part of his summer focus.

And finally, during the summer, there is also help needed in areas headed up by our other staff; in both summer ministry initiatives and the development of ministries for the year ahead.  Sam will be working alongside the other staff in these areas of need.

We are blessed to have so many talented and gifted people at Westview and our desire is to see these gifts used to bring both individual growth and numerical growth.  Sam has just completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts at Concordia University, and we thank God that Sam is available to bring his gifts, training and abilities as part of the staff team over this summer.

Vanessa De Muy - Summer Children's Ministry Coordinator 

We are pleased to have Vanessa De Muy on staff again this summer at Westview. Vanessa’s role includes oversight of our Junior Connect 4 (ages 2-4) and Senior Connect 4 (Kindergarten to grade Summer Sunday morning programs.

Vanessa will be planning out and coordinating the curriculum, coordinating the teams, providing teaching materials and resources to the volunteers, leading portions of the curriculum herself, and giving oversight.

Vanessa will also be planning, and leading a team in running, weekly mid-week daytime events for kids ages 6-11 from the church and the surrounding community.

We are blessed to have Vanessa’s training, experience and gifts serving the Lord in this ministry at Westview. 

Welcome aboard, Sam and Vanessa!