Here are resources we recommend to you for further learning, awareness.  We will post additional resources every two weeks.

September 9 - Free Webinar...

“How do we face the racial disparities and injustices in a manner that is modeled after our Savior?”

Wednesday September 9th, from Missio Alliance and Herald Press.

Go here for more info on this free webinar:  

August 14


       Adult - Adam L. Gustine, Becoming a Just Church 

       Parents - The Gospel in Color: a Theology of Racial Reconciliation for Parents 

       Children - The Gospel in Color: A Theology of Racial Reconciliation for kids 

Website to



July 31


       Adult - Austin Channing Brown, I’m still here: Black dignity in a world made   

                     for Whiteness 


       Parents and Children-


July 17

       Adult - Disunity in Christ by Christina Cleveland
- God’s Very Good Idea by Trillia Newbell

Podcasts: TSF with Mike Kelsey: Why History Matters + Jemar Tisby: