Racial Justice

The Senior Leadership Team met two weeks ago to further develop a plan that will engage the entire Westview community in Racial Justice. As a multicultural body, we need to listen to each other, to hear the hurt and the pain of our church family who have experienced and experience racism in their day to day lives, to learn together and move together to fill the space where God leads. We need to learn more about the issues, to hear from Scripture, and then... to be and do.


Here are determined next steps, so far, on listening, learning, & doing…


1. Providing resources for learning, awareness - posted through the website, Facebook, and E-life.


2. Having more gatherings for dialogue - for listening to each other, learning, grieving. The next times & dates for gatherings, will be listed this next week.


3. Then we will move together, speaking and living out the unconditional love, care and justice of our Lord, in our church, and in our wider surrounding community. 


4. Racial Justice is reflected in our Core Values - so you’ll also be hearing more; including sermons and service inclusions about this, as we share the church’s Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategies with you in the Fall.


Here are recommended resources for further learning, awareness.

We will post new resources every two weeks.


July 31:

Book: (adult) Austin Channing Brown, I’m still here: Black dignity in a world made for Whiteness

Webcast: (Parents and Children): 


July 17:

Reading:   Disunity in Christ by Christina Cleveland (Adults)


                  God’s Very Good Idea by Trillia Newbell (Children) 

Podcasts: TSF with Mike Kelsey: Why History Matters + Jemar Tisby: