Plans and Details


In January we are relaunching the Young Adults ministry!!! We’ll first start off in January with a Sunday pizza lunch time, after the church service, at the church; to talk vision, get your input and ideas, and plan specific activities, etc.

We also have a kick-off hang out event for Young Adults in the works, in later January. You’ll hear more details on this, soon.

so make sure to save the date FOR THE PIZZA EVENT!

Overall Vision:

The Young Adults ministry includes many aspects:

Events (to have fun, build connections over a shared activity)

Bible Study (teaching, small groups, prayer)


Worship (worship nights, worship time at Bible Study) 


Service (helping where there are needs in the Montreal community)

Spontaneous events posted on Facebook (“anybody want to go for ice cream tonight?”…)

Roles (who is focused on what…) 

Young Adults - the Young Adults themselves make this ministry go: by participating in the various aspects, by planning the schedule of events, to lead events, initiatives, activities, etc., by inviting out their friends from school, work, etc.

We are in process of reforming the Young Adults Ministry Leadership Team - of Young Adults themselves who plan and ensure the ministry initiatives of the Young Adults are moving ahead.

We also have a Support / Resource Team who help ensure the vision and plans of the Young Adults are moving ahead, and the group has what they need for leadership and framework. 

Christina also takes a deeper lead role as she has a few hours of her week in her role description as Westview Ministry Administrator, dedicated to Young Adults ministry.

Regular Communication of plans, details - everything will be on Facebook, and on the YA page of the church’s website.