For parents of teens, pre-teens and children of all ages. 

We will focus on understanding the chaos of adolescence. Knowing what is coming, and having the opportunity to interact intentionally in light of adolescence will be helpful for all parents, grandparents, youth workers and teachers. 

Hormones are raging. The ability to think in complete sentences seems to be lost forever. Emotions are riding a crazy roller-coaster. The kids we thought we knew when they were 10 have turned into different people overnight.

These formative adolescent years represent some of the greatest challenges and the best opportunities we have as parents and other adults who work with teenagers. In this seminar, Marv will help us explore the often puzzling developmental journey that our kids find themselves on. We'll look at what's happening in their minds, their bodies, their spirits and their relationships. We'll try to sort out the way our parenting style plays out in the lives of children at various ages - and most importantly we'll ask the "so what" questions. How do we respond proactively and intentionally to these developmental realities? How do we help our children sort out right from wrong in a world without a moral compass? Based on a growing understanding, we'll look at what we can do as adults in the lives of kids to help them make the most of these wonderful crazy years. It requires the very best of us - courage, patience, perseverance, grace, and unconditional love...but the dividends it pays in the lives of our kids makes it the best investment ever!


Marv is the National Director of the Coalition for Youth Ministry Excellence and an associate staff member of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding. He is an internationally known author, professor, speaker, and youth ministry veteran having spent over 45 years working with students and families. He recently co-directed a major national study, "What's Happening? The State of Youth Ministry in Canada."  He has trained and inspired thousands of youth workers at various national and international youth workers' conferences and conventions and has taught at more than 20 colleges and seminaries around the globe. He is the author of a number of books on youth ministry, including "The Youth Workers Guide to Parent Ministry," "Help, My Kids are Hurting," "Hope and Healing for Kids who Cut," and most recently, "Building and Mobilizing Teams." In addition to his teaching, speaking, and writing, Marv is a marriage and family counselor specializing in parent/adolescent conflict resolution, sexual abuse recovery, self-injury, eating disorders, and marriage and family issues. He received his M.A. in Marriage and Family Counseling from Grace Seminary, and his D.Phil degree from Oxford Graduate School. In his spare time, Marv enjoys canoeing and kayaking, outdoor photography, woodworking, wilderness camping and road trips. Over the course of his live Marv has had some crazy jobs, including being being a Brinks armored car guard, a water ski instructor, an undercover private investigator and a professional firefighter. Life is more predictable these days. Marv and his wife Lois live in Lake Country, British Columbia where their organization "All About Youth" is headquartered. They have three awesome adult kids...and grandchildren have begun to arrive.