At Westview Bible Church our overall mission is about “helping people become passionate about God and His world.” 

Everything that we strive to do with our missions resources is aimed at meeting that great goal.  Missions at Westview happens both far away in mysterious lands, as well as in our own backyard.  

We want to see our Westview family interacting with the families in the communities around them.  We also want to see the people of Westview bridging the gap, for those less fortunate overseas, in unfamiliar neighbourhoods as well.  

We truly believe there is a mission for everyone and we desire to see the body of Christ as helping hands and hearts worldwide, wherever the Spirit may call them. 


For more information on Missions at Westview, you can speak with any one of the Missions Committee - Isabelle Carrière, Lynda Wicki, or Jeff Simunic