Please watch this video from our Worship Director Ryan Simunic, about Lent - which started Wednesday February 17.

Hi Westview Family!

Lent season starts tomorrow!

This season leads us to Easter and has been practiced by followers of Jesus for generations.

We invite you to choose something in your life you would like to put aside during these 40 days of lent in order to devote more time to seeking The Lord in prayer and serving others in acts of love.

Take time to pray about what The Lord would have you give up this Lent season, and what He would have you take on as a spiritual practice to seek Him more. We also invite you to ask The Lord in prayer how you can better love your neighbour with acts of love.

Our fasting should lead to prayer and our prayer to acts of love for God and others.

The fast is 40 days to mirror Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness but many of you have probably noticed Lent begins 46 days before Easter. That’s because we don’t fast on Sundays. Sundays are celebration days; every Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection, so we break our fast on those days.

May this lent season draw us into a deeper love for Jesus and into a greater joy for His victory won! 

- Ryan