Leadership Advisory TeamS

They have recently completed their tasks and have reported back to the Senior Leadership Team.

We will be sharing the four teams' findings with you, in the next number of weeks.


We are excited to see people’s gift of leadership facilitated and enabled to grow, and be evidenced at and through Westview, and the community around us.

This LAT is a group of people, in whom the Senior Leadership Team (the Elders and Pastors) recognize the spiritual gift of leadership, and who have demonstrated a strong heart for the bigger picture of their local church.  The Senior Leadership (SLT) team desires to create and to develop more leaders, and to broaden our current scope and reach as we lead Westview, all in the following of the Holy Spirit in the Lord's guidance and plans. 

This is the first LAT season; there will be more teams in future years, and more / other people invited to serve on them.

The LAT team is separated into sub sections, with each sub section given a specific project they are working on. 

Each sub section of the LAT has one person from the SLT serving with it.  The design is that the LAT would bring advisement to the Senior Leadership team on that area of ministry they are on task with. 

The Elders and Pastors have identified and together come around a few priority needs we feel need some specific attention, and we are committed to moving them ahead:  Leadership Development, Care Ministry. Fostering Connectedness so everyone truly will feel at home in this church, Small Groups grown, and Discipleship.

Some of these priority needs are reflected in the tasks of the LAT groups, as the tasks and teams were developed in the Spring, then refined and launched this fall.  The members of the LAT would be in place for terms of a few months or a year or so, depending on their context and the specific assignment.