What denomination is Westview?

We get that question a lot!  That is understandable – familiar labels are reassuring.  In many respects typical church labels don’t fit Westview well. The best way to find out about us is to come and see.  We believe that you’ll find a multi-generational, multi-cultural group of people who laugh a lot, care deeply for each other and want to learn more about how to show God’s love in a very real way to others.  The majority of the 500+ people who call Westview their church home live in the neighbourhoods that surround the church.  Some people notice that we have solid Bible teaching, some that we have vibrant worship, others our sports, arts or community service aspects, or our outstanding programs for children and young people.  We think you will care more about how friendly and welcoming we are, than you will about trying to define us with a word or two. 

How is Westview governed and managed?   
Westview is an independant local church that is governed by a team of Elders who lead with the trust and confidence of the congregation.  The Elders are experienced leaders who are affirmed annually by members at our Annual General Meeting.  The Elders and Pastors (forming our Senior Leadership Team) help shape the scope and the environment of the ministry.  The Pastors, Ministry Administrator, Interns and our incredibly gifted team of volunteer leaders make almost all of the decisions in the day to day operation of the church.  Westview has a finance committee, a facilities committee and a Leadership Advisory Team to advise and support the Senior Leadership Team.

Westview also solicits feedback actively from everyone who attends Westview.  We’ve provided a place on this website for you to give us feedback and we promise that you will receive a prompt response to any input that you provide.

How can I get involved at Westview?

We love this question!  Some people go to a church because they want the church to meet their needs.  Do we want people’s needs to be met at Westview?  Yes, but we’re all about serving others and not as much about figuring out what “the church can do for me”.  We place an extremely high value on serving others and on involvement in the community, and the world around us.   We would even say that if a person’s primary reason for coming to Westview is to “be served” he/she may be disappointed.  We believe that we are blessed, stretched and developed in our faith as we serve others.   Our example is Jesus Christ who said that He did not come to be served but to serve.

Involvement at Westview means service...We think that people get energized when they serve in areas that are aligned with their gifts and their interests.  There are lots of opportunities.  We invite you to contact any of our Pastors, our Ministry Administrator or Interns, talk to someone at our Welcome Centre desk in the foyer, or speak to any of our volunteer leaders.