Building Renewal Proposal

"Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted."          
                                                                                                    Psalm 127:1

We are excited as we seek the Lord together for what He would have for Westview in the months and years ahead.  On request of the Elders, the Westview Building Renewal Team was formed in 2013.  It consists of six members - Michael Lancione, Kim Neelin, Eugenia Oh,       Chris Piazza, Peter Kotiuga, and Jeff Simunic.  This team was asked to develop a Building Renewal Plan Proposal document for consideration by the Westview church family, as an option, as we prayerfully pursue God's vision for our church and community for the next many years.  

Your thoughts and input on this proposal option, and vision for our church are requested, to any of the Elders, Staff and Building Renewal Team.

Further approaches for dialogue, input and prayer will be announced soon.  Along with those opportunities, you can email input to any of the staff at their email addresses listed on our website, you can email the Elders at:, speak to them in person, or write and place your thoughts in the comment box on the wall in the church lobby.