Apprentissage BrightStart Canada provides educational opportunities and assistance to over 500 Cambodian children at eight different BrightStart study centres in the province of Battambang to help them reach their full potential.  Many of these children are more than 3 years behind in education... they risk perpetuating the cycle of poverty and despair in Cambodia at not fault of their own.  But, brighter futures start today! 


BrightStart's programs in Cambodia include: Remedial/Accelerated Learning, Supplemental Tutoring, Private Schooling, Vocational Training and Enrichment Programs (e.g., English, music theory and appreciation, computer skills, educational seminars).

Westview partners with BrightStart through...

Financial support, resource and prayer support for the ministry of BrightStart.

Encouragement, prayer and fellowship for the BrightStart students and staff.

Providing awareness within the Westview congregation of operational financing needs that church members could contribute towards, and funding of special projects upon request, when possible.

Other resource expertise as needed and available.

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