Digging Deep - Bible Study

This Week:  May 20, 2020 Read Mark 11:1-12:44  
This is the last week of Jesus' life.  He has his triumphal entry on Palm Sunday but then he has confrontations with the religious authorities, first cleansing the temple, arguing with the Pharisees, chief priests, scribes and elders.  There is a power struggle going on and those in charge feel that Jesus is a threat that should be eliminated.  They try to trap him on issues of taxation, resurrection and authority.  They are not interested in the truth but in wielding power.  What are your motives when you ask Jesus questions.

In preparation, read Mark 11-13 and watch the video (filmed on the Mount of Olives and Gethsemane outside of Jerusalem).  I was at this location one year ago.

(March 18, 2020)  Access to RightNow Media
We are doing a Bible Study series on the Gospel of Mark.  For access to RightNow Media, please send an email to Christina Slavin, Westview's Ministry Administrator: christina@westviewlife.org , requesting access to RightNow Media.  You will need this to access the videos and the participant's guide for The Gospel of Mark, with Francis Chan.  The series is filmed on site in the Holy Land to provide some deeper perspective of the life of Jesus.


A weekly Wednesday night challenge time in room 103 between 7:25 and 9:00.  Using video series, following a book or relevant Bible studies, we seek to challenge each other to get to know God in a real and personal way through discussion and accountability.  

The studies are aimed at equipping you in your faith so that you can be faithful Christ-followers at home, at work, in your neighbourhood, wherever you might be. We challenge each other to be the men of God that He intended us to be. This is an opportunity to make new friends, study together the Scriptures on relevant topics and pray for each other.