Digging Deep - Bible Study

This week (Feb 12, 2020)  Circle Maker: Praying is Like Planting
We live in a time when all the data in the world is available with the click of a mouse.  Into our fast-paced culture God speaks and reminds us that prayer is a lot like planting.  It demands patience, consistency, and dependence on the only One who can bring rain

A weekly Wednesday night challenge time in room 103 between 7:25 and 9:00.  Using video series, following a book or relevant Bible studies, we seek to challenge each other to get to know God in a real and personal way through discussion and accountability.  

The studies are aimed at equipping you in your faith so that you can be faithful Christ-followers at home, at work, in your neighbourhood, wherever you might be. We challenge each other to be the men of God that He intended us to be. This is an opportunity to make new friends, study together the Scriptures on relevant topics and pray for each other.