Asia's Hope BB1 - Sponsors Needed

We need your help!...

To provide for the needs of the 24 children and house parents and staff of the Asia's Hope orphan home, BB1, we support.

This is the financial situation and need:

Each year the church receives an annual budget figure from Asia's Hope for BB1 costs that we have      committed to cover.  
  • The amount required for 2018 is $52,676 
  • The Missions Budget covers $5,000 of that amount.
  • As a result, the net needed is $47,676 this year, o$3,973 per month.
  • When we presented the need on Sunday June 3rd, we had $2,100 coming in per month in sponsorships.
  • Since then, an additional $800 in monthly sponsorships has been committed! 

That leaves a need for new sponsor funds of $1,073 per month.

So again, we need your help...  

We encourage you to commit to either a $50 or $25 monthly sponsorship.

Your sponsorship will cover a proportionate amount of the overall home cost of:  food, clothing, shoes, school tuition, uniforms and costs, tutoring, medical supplies and care, hygiene items, housing costs, utilities, house parent salaries, and administration costs

Together we can reflect God's heart in caring for and providing for the needs of BB1.  It is our heart and commitment as a church.  We believe we will reach our goal.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.  We will keep Westview updated on our progress towards the target goal.

Contact Heather Hay:, to sign up for a sponsorship, 
and to discuss Pre-Authorized payment option, or other options for your sponsorship payments.

You can click here to download an Asia's Hope BB1 Pre-Authorized donation form.

All sponsor donations will receive a tax receipt from Westview. 


Thank you for your prayer and support of the kids and staff of BB1.

Click the play button below 
to hear Asia's Hope Director John McCollum, sharing the latest news from Asia's Hope and BB1, 
at Westview on Sunday June 3, and also hear about the details of our sponsorship of BB1.

To read more about our partnership with Asia's Hope, click here.

For more information on our Asia's Hope BB1 partnership, you can speak with any one 
of the Missions Committee - Isabelle Carrière, Paula Young or Jeff Simunic