Asia's Hope - BB1

Asia’s Hope - BB1 prayer needs prayer requests: 


1. Please pray for the kids to obey and pay attention to our advices and love their study.

2. Please pray for the safety and security of university school kids on the way to go and come back from school.

3. Please pray for healthiness and overcoming on the various temptations of our kids, staffs and us.

4. Please pray for Ravy who will take diploma exam on 30th, November, and Yut Lising who will take BACII exam on 21st, December. 


Personal Story of Kids

1.   Hout Reaksa, she’s studying in grade 11. Her favourite courses at school are Khmer and History. In her dream, she wants to be a teacher. Now, her study is quite average at school. 


Bible study and prayers

Our kids of BB1 join prayers twice a day, morning and night: (5:30 am and 8pm).

1.   For Bible study in this situation we focus in the book of 1 Corinthians and the book of Psalms.  In the morning, we study in the book of Psalms.  At night, we study in the book of 1 Corinthians.


2.   Our kids and us cry out to the lord for the whole churches of Westview Bible Church to be healthy and may our lord protect all pastors, elders, brothers and sisters from COVID-19


3.   Our kids and us pray for all pastors, elders, brothers and sisters to stay in bravery in this difficult time. Our Lord will protect and take care all of you all.


Answered Prayers:  

1. Praise and thank God for the peace, security, health of our kids and us.

2. Praise and thank God for the financial support of Westview Bible Church for our BB1 home.


Thank you so much for your love and prayers, God’s blessings,

That SengYou


Thank you so much for your prayers and support of our BB1 family.  Some pictures are included in the slideshow below.

Westview Missions Committee



Asia’s Hope is an organization we partner with in Battambang, Cambodia.  
Asia’s Hope offers comprehensive, long-term care for orphaned children who cannot be reunited with their extended families or communities of origin.  Through them Westview sponsors an orphan home (BB1) in Battambang District, where we support 24 children and three staff members.  The children are well fed, clothed, educated and seen to regularly by dentists and doctors.  On top of all this, the staff run Bible studies and daily prayer times, and most of our children have accepted the Lord as their Saviour, and have been baptized.  

Asia's Hope are raising these children to be functional, independent adults ready to support themselves in their home countries. Most will get jobs, marry and have children. Several already have hopes of working for Asia’s Hope or in other ministries in the future to provide for other children in need in their local communities.

Asia's Hope is raising the next generation of leaders in Cambodia;  children who will not only reach their own personal potential, but will work to rebuild and reform their home countries from the inside out.

Asia’s Hope also runs a Christian School and have built a large worship hall in Battambang where all the Asia’s Hope Battambang orphan homes meet weekly for church.  

Westview operates our support for the orphan home through a sponsorship program. 

For more information on our Asia's Hope BB1 partnership, you can speak with any one 
of the Missions Committee - Isabelle Carrière, Lynda Wickior Jeff Simunic