Asia's Hope - BB1

APRIL 2020 - COVID-19 related update:

Following two Zoom calls this past week, here is an update to inform you of how Asia’s Hope has been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with our BB1 home… which mirrors how they are overseeing all their Asia Hope homes at this time...


  • In all countries, the Asia’s Hope Directors are responding to a dynamic situation. They are in constant communication and dialogue with the Asia’s Hope head office, and with the local civil authorities and all the relevant government agencies that oversee their in-country operations.
  • Asia’s Hope have provided additional resources and have equipped BB1 with the cleaning and personal protection supplies that they need.  They are working with Pastor Savorn, the Cambodia Asia’s Hope Country Director, to plan and implement strategies to mitigate and minimize the risk of our children and staff contracting the COVID-19 virus.
  • To date, there have been no cases of COVID-19 in BB1 or any of the Asia Hope homes. 
  • In Cambodia, the schools, both private and public, and universities have been temporarily closed
  • Students and staff are being trained in social distancing and proper self-care and hand washing practices.
  • Battambang
    • The Battambang home complex is on lockdown. No outsiders are permitted to enter. 
    • the facilities, and staff leave for only essential purposes. Children are required stay on the grounds.
    • The entrances and exits are equipped with security cameras, and all children and staff are required to wear their Asia’s Hope ID badge anytime they venture outside of their home.
    • Savorn and the staff are working with the Social Welfare Department and have secured permission to keep all Asia’s Hope children on campus during the upcoming school break and Khmer New Year holiday (the children traditionally visit their relatives and villages of origin during this time, when safe to do so, as required by Social Welfare directives).
    • Many university students have returned to their Asia’s Hope home from the Asia’s Hope student center in Battambang: they are assisting with caregiving and cooking and enjoying time with their younger Asia’s Hope siblings.
    • The kids are receiving instruction from their home parents and online instruction from their teachers during this time: they are utilizing laptop computers when available and desktop computers at the school and learning center facilities. Asia’s Hope are working on plans to reallocate school operations funds to fund the purchase of more laptops and desktops, which are in short supply.
    • Asia’s Hope continue to employ their school staff on a part-time basis so they can continue to provide online and distance learning options for their students.
    • University students are continuing to receive online instruction, when it is available. This, however, is dependent on the resources of their particular university.
    • Asia’s Hope are especially grateful for the outdoor recreational facilities, soccer fields, playgrounds, etc., at the Battambang complex.
  • Asia’s Hope Prayer Requests:

   - From Cambodia Director, Pastor Savorn


o   God to keep the staff and kids away from Coronavirus infection. More Coronavirus cases are happening in Cambodia now.

o   Daily safety and health for the staff and the kids. More thieves and robbers are active in Cambodia now due to more unemployment.

o   Sengyou of BB1 who has intestinal issues.

o   The 9th and 12th graders will take their 10th grade entrance exam and university entrance exam in August.


    - From Asia’s Hope U.S. Executive Staff


o   Pray for our organization as we apply for the CARES act, SBA for non-profits, tomorrow! This forgivable loan would allow us to continue to operate with a full staff.

o   Pray God continues to supply all of the needs of our kids and staff in South East Asia.

o   Pray God blesses all of our faithful and generous partners & is near to those who are facing financial challenges due to the global pandemic.  Lord have mercy.


Thank you so much for your prayers and support of our BB1 family.  Some pictures are included in the slideshow below.

Westview Missions Committee



Asia’s Hope is an organization we partner with in Battambang, Cambodia.  
Asia’s Hope offers comprehensive, long-term care for orphaned children who cannot be reunited with their extended families or communities of origin.  Through them Westview sponsors an orphan home (BB1) in Battambang District, where we support 24 children and three staff members.  The children are well fed, clothed, educated and seen to regularly by dentists and doctors.  On top of all this, the staff run Bible studies and daily prayer times, and most of our children have accepted the Lord as their Saviour, and have been baptized.  

Asia's Hope are raising these children to be functional, independent adults ready to support themselves in their home countries. Most will get jobs, marry and have children. Several already have hopes of working for Asia’s Hope or in other ministries in the future to provide for other children in need in their local communities.

Asia's Hope is raising the next generation of leaders in Cambodia;  children who will not only reach their own personal potential, but will work to rebuild and reform their home countries from the inside out.

Asia’s Hope also runs a Christian School and have built a large worship hall in Battambang where all the Asia’s Hope Battambang orphan homes meet weekly for church.  

Westview operates our support for the orphan home through a sponsorship program. 

For more information on our Asia's Hope BB1 partnership, you can speak with any one 
of the Missions Committee - Isabelle Carrière, Lynda Wickior Jeff Simunic