The Westview Alpha fall 2020 course will be on 
Monday evenings, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm 

September 28th to December 14th, 2020

It will be online on Zoom.  

Open to everyone! 

We are starting from the beginning of the course and featuring all the sessions.  
Whether you are just starting Alpha, or if you were part of the Spring session that got cut short due to COVID19 - please sign up for this Alpha Course.

To register, or for information please contact Peter & Kim Neelin via email:

Try Alpha

Alpha is a series of 12 interactive sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. Each session looks at a different question and is designed to create conversation. Theres no pressure, no follow-up and no charge; its just an open, informal, and honest space to explore and discuss lifes big questions together.

If you have questions about aspects of the Christian faith, if you want to discuss and learn about the core truths of the Christian faith, and what it means to follow Jesus, join us at Alpha.

Here's a video trailer of the upcoming Alpha series...

3 reasons why you should try Alpha:

1.  Meet new people from all walks of life who also are seeking for answers like you

2. Learn about the Christian faith in a friendly environment where there is no pressure, judgment or obligation

3. Open to everyone