This week  (May 8, 2019)   Listening to God:  The Character of God

We will begin the lesson by reviewing the application questions from Session 1. The DVD is only 30 minutes so we will be able to go through an exercise on writing down what God says to us.  This is not in the notes so a supplementary handout will be given on Wednesday.

Don't forget to go through the application questions at the end of lesson 1 listed below:

Application questions:

1.     What do you want God to say to you?

2.     How are you getting prepared to know Him?  (Matt 25:1-12)

3.     At which level of relationship are you with God?

4.     Write down and tell Him your heart’s desires.

5.     Have you been baptized?

6.     Do you honestly believe God can live His life through you? 

7.     How often do you ask Jesus what to say or do?

8.     What can you personally do to see unity in the body of Christ and to see His Kingdom come? 


moMENtum:  MEN on the Move

p = mv

High School Physics defines momentum as the product of mass and velocity. Velocity itself has two components:  speed and direction.   Thus when you take a group of men (mass) coupled with a desire to quickly respond to God’s direction and purpose (velocity), you have a formula for momentum that will change the world around them.  We seek to get men matured in Christ and mobilized to effect positive change in their families, friendships and fellowship, literally getting MEN on the move.

moMENtum (Men’s Ministry) exists to challenge men to delve into God’s word, to make necessary individual life adjustments as God leads them, to mature in their faith, and then unleash them into God’s service. This is not intended for the faint of heart.  This is a call to become men of God.
We try to keep the process simple through a three faceted approach.

For more information contact Peter Kotiuga: / 514.634.0618