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This Sunday's service will include another Q & A time.  

You can send your questions any day in advance of Sunday to: questions@westviewlife.org, or note them down during the sermon.

The West Island Network of churches has practical ideas as to how you can demonstrate kindness.

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Our Three Strands Mental Health Community wants to ensure you are supported.   

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The Lounge is cancelled for this week March 5, due to the Women's Retreat.

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For anyone who can’t get Zoom, you can join us from a traditional phone, 

by dialing: 438-809-7799, then entering the meeting ID when asked: 92097522347


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Sunday March 7th, 10:30 am

Sermon Series:

Genesis:  An Epic Adventure


Pastor Charlie Salamone

Worship Leader:

Worship Director - Ryan Simunic


Post-Service Q&A, in the Virtual Gathering


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Kid's Bible Lessons 

are hosted/posted each Sunday. 
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I have a need...

Our Care Ministry is here for you.

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It's basically the Christian version of Netflix.

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Please contact Pastor Nita 
if you have a prayer need:
514.626.5460 ext. 1003

Our prayer ministry and prayer teams are at the ready to support you in prayer. 

Our local Mission Partners: 

la Corde, On Rock, 
and West Island Mission, 
are in need of food.

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all our Mission Partners.

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